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News From The Personal Cloud – May 30th, 2014


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The real cost of transitioning your business to the cloud

When cloud computing first started, deciding whether you wanted to migrate into it was as simple as wanting to have your data stored on site or off site. Now, it’s a little bit more complex. Businesses need to consider cost, automation, operations, support, potential down time, etc. And of course, with everything that might be lost, what will in fact be gained? These are the kinds of issues being addressed by IT staff everywhere. Read on for the full story.

This is a real movie.

This is a real movie.

Cloud Computing’s Silver Lining For Smartphones: Fog Computing

What happens when you have the potential for infinite storage space limited by how fast your internet connection is? A problem. That’s what you have. A problem that Cisco is proactively trying to solve by embracing the cloud fog. Yes, we’re still using weather to describe data management. We know. But, Cisco believes the fog may help circumvent the bandwidth issue…for now.

Cloud computing is like writing with chalk.

Cloud computing is like writing with chalk.

How cloud computing is like getting a rental car

For those of you still struggling with how to explain cloud computing to someone, The Tennessean has a bit of an analogy for you: The cloud is like renting a car. Nice right? No upfront costs, you only pay for what you need, and you can scale up or down at will. Storage made easy. However, there is one thing you shouldn’t move into the cloud: internal software applications.

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News From The Personal Cloud – May 23rd 2014


Forget ‘the Cloud ’‘the Fog’ Is Tech’s Future

Just when you thought you understood the difference between cloud computing and a cloudy day, here comes the Fog. What’s next, the Mist? Regardless, ‘the fog’, as it’s called, is more than just a clever moniker for the cloud. It’s actually just a smaller version. Smoke, if you will. :) Anyway, the key difference has everything to do with bandwidth. It all comes down to bandwidth.


CipherCloud: Cloud Optimism Outweighs Security Concerns

Whether it’s the NSA, Heartbleed, or Edward Snowden, everyone seems to be concerned about their data in the cloud. Concerned, but not indecisive. It seems as though the majority of companies looking to migrate into the cloud are staying the course. The pros still outweigh the cons.


Creating a Cloud Readiness Assessment

With scalable storage, costs, and access, cloud computing can’t be beat! Unless of course your business isn’t ready for the cloud computing model you’re trying to adopt. Don’t worry. Take a breath, pump the brakes, and read this article. You’ll be setting goals and figuring out what cloud solution is right for you in no time.


Why Tech’s Best Minds Are Very Worried About the Internet of Things

We recently saw what can happen during a wide scale cloud outage when Adobe’s Creative Cloud went down, but what happens to more integral cloud based services or devices that simply cease to function during these outages? This is just one of the many issues at the heart of the current debate about the “internet of things”. It’s the debate of more than just the pros and cons of the tech we know and love. It’s about the future of wearables, appliances, cars and other connected things. Are we really prepared for a fully connected world?

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The Kind of Safe and Easy File Sharing That Keeps You and Your IT Department On Good Terms

Employees need easy access to their files. IT Departments need to keep those files safe, and up until now, a safe and easy solution was unheard of. Enter Norton Zone powered by Symantec. We’re the only collaborative and file sharing based solution that allows you and your IT department the chance to worry about other things like learning each other’s names, and whispering quietly about what happened on last night’s Game of Thrones.

Check out the video below and help us spread the word that safe and easy file sharing is here, and here to stay!

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News From The Personal Cloud – May 16th 2014


The Slow Decline of Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

To stream or not to stream? That is the question…being asked by those who previously used peer-to-peer file sharing services almost exclusively. However, now that most popular media is easy to access and easy to use, are these types of file sharing services going the way of the floppy disk?


Cloud Computing 2020 – Part 1

Where do you see the cloud heading? According to R. “Ray” Wang, founder and chairman of Constellation Research, Inc., the cloud is heading towards the seamless convergence of collaboration, sharing, and publishing. He also suggests that we are heading towards a world where costs are low, time is saved, and actionable data that used to take weeks or days, may be actionable in mere hours or minutes.


Deflating 4 Myths About The Wonders Of Cloud Computing

Big foot, the Loch Ness Monster, and chupacabras. All myths. Probably. But what isn’t a myth are these 4 ideas about what cloud computing can actually do. Like all technologies, if used the right way, they can make your life much, much easier. It’s only when people adopt new technologies first and ask questions later that problems arise.

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All The Things You Need To Consider Before Sharing Your Business Files In The Cloud

BYOD is here to stay, but the frustration your IT department feels about it doesn’t have to. Want to know how to decide which file sharing service is right for your business and become your IT department’s new favorite person? You’ve come to the right place. At Norton Zone, we try to make sure every decision you need to make is the safe and easy one – right from the start.

Check out our latest analyst paper below and make sure to share it with your IT department. Help them turn those frowns upside down!