How The Personal Cloud Keeps You Close To Home (Part 2 of 2)

The following is part two of our two part series, How The Personal Cloud Keeps You Close to Home. For part one by Rob Babiak click here.

Traveling tends to be stressful to begin with but traveling with kids just adds to the already tense situation.  Anyone with kids will tell you they need non-stop entertainment, like games and movies. Thankfully backing up in the cloud allows me to always have something to watch on hand.

In July we took a trip to the Poconos to get a way for a few days.  The ride up in the car wasn’t too bad thanks to our built in TV with DVD player that keeps the kids entertained on road trips.  The fun really began when we arrived in the Poconos.  During the day there were plenty of things for the kids to do like go to the pool, the water park and even the arcade.  Yet once we got back to our room after a long day is when the kids started acting crazy.

The got bored of the two or three children’s TV channels offered by the hotel and the on demand movie prices were ranging from $4.99 up to $16.99.  Why would I ever want to pay that kind of money for disposable entertainment?  That’s when I pulled out my laptop and its access to the some odd twenty to thirty kids movies I’ve backed up in the cloud for instances just like this.  Having that kind of piece of mind is very comforting because I know if my kids don’t have entertainment at certain times of the day a meltdown is immanent. Meltdown averted.

Having endless entertainment stored in the cloud is smart for many reasons. For example, in the cloud DVDs don’t get scratched because there aren no physical copies to be had.  Backing up in the cloud also keeps your movies and TV shows from getting misplaced or permanently lost.  Knowing that all of my entertainment is not only stored for good but unable to be damaged, misplaced, or worse by my kids is a great feeling.  DVDs and Blu-rays aren’t cheap so having a virtual copy is a great idea for those just-in-case moments.  Also, not all hotels, even if they are kid friendly, have TVs with kid friendly programming it’s best to make sure you have access to your own entertainment while on the road.

Store your entertainment in the cloud and on your next family road trip you’ll be able to – you know – relax.

Rob Babiak is the co-founder and author of Look What Mom Found…and Dad too, a blog about parenting and family-centric products.

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14 thoughts on “How The Personal Cloud Keeps You Close To Home (Part 2 of 2)

  1. KBunn

    I have never heard of this before, but is sounds amazing. We went on a trip to Kissimmee this summer and I had the same problem. Come dark time, there was nothing for them to watch or do. Great post and I will be checking this out for our next trip!

  2. Jen - Life With Levi

    It never occurred to me to use the cloud that way – brilliant! I hate packing up CDs and DVDs for trips, and this is a super smart solution.


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