News From The Personal Cloud – December 09, 2011

Every Friday here on In The Personal Cloud we’ll be presenting a round up of links highlighting popular and rising news stories from the world of the cloud and online security. Everything from news regarding hacking and how to be secure to advancements in the field of cloud computing. Stay tuned to In The Personal Cloud each Friday to remain up to do date on everything you need to know.

New congressional initiative on Internet security violates first amendment – A new United States Congress initiative, “Stop Online Piracy Act” or SOPA for short is making its way towards becoming a reality in order to “curb the copyright infringements that occur with illegal downloading.” However, if everything goes as planned, this initiative may have the power to block certain URL’s that are seen to be in violation of the initiative. Is this the beginning of a very slippery slope? [Kansas State Collegian]

Employees ‘unaware of cyber risks and online security’ - A recent study conducted on UK businesses found that many times, online security breaches aren’t a fault of the software, but in fact, the people that manage them. Employers often hire people and train them in a number of areas, but rarely internet security. In order to best protect your business, businesses can not and should not rely on software alone. [Hostway]

Internet Security Experts Warn of Social Media Dangers This Holiday Season – In general, it could be said that people often put too much personal information online, and quite often insecurely. Well, this time of year has seen an increase in cyber attacks aimed at these people in particular. Cyber criminals no longer case your house, but instead your online profile. Find out the best way to protect yourself this holiday season. [CBS New York]

Tips for securing Internet connected devicesIf you don’t have a smartphone already, chances are, you might by the end of the holidays season. Unfortunately, cyber criminals are fully aware of this as well. Find out the best way to protect your brand new toy from compromise. [Help Net Security]

What’s the main issue in cloud computing at the moment?- A video interview with Frank De Gilio, one of IBM’s cloud “gurus”, discusses how the present model of IT and Business is antiquated. For the moment, they are speaking 2 different languages, but there needs to be much more of a symbiotic relationship. A business cannot be defined by it’s IT department, but instead must be able to define their needs to their IT department so that they can implement them appropriately. [The Smarter Computing Blog]

Cloud Computing Seeks a New Identity - BYO…D? Bring Your Own Device is slowly becoming the norm for cloud based businesses. In conjuction with Google+ Pages feature Hangouts, now people can not only share and have access to the same information based in their cloud service of choice, but with mobile devices, can no have ad hoc or planned teleconferenc sessions. James Staten believes cloud technologies have just “entered the awkward teenage,” and as business adopt and help evolve them, the better off everyone will be. [eWeek]

The Rise of Cloud Computing - Cloud computing is as much of a buzzword as ever almost everyone has been a part of the discussion whether they were aware of it or not. However, it’s not just for the giant conglomerate anymore. In fact, everyone from small to medium sized businesses as well as governments and content delivery services have embraced it. But the question still remains: is it for you? [Young Upstarts]

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