News From The Personal Cloud – December 23rd, 2011

Every Friday here on In The Personal Cloud we’ll be presenting a round up of links highlighting popular and rising news stories from the world of the cloud and online security. Everything from news regarding hacking and how to be secure to advancements in the field of cloud computing. Stay tuned to In The Personal Cloud each Friday to remain up to do date on everything you need to know.

Curbing cybercrimes – As consumers begin to treat their mobile devices like mini PCs, so too have cybercriminals begun to shift the focus of their attacks. Unfortnately, mobile operating system vulnerabilities have only managed to increase and at an alarming rate every year since.  This article highlights how users should be as vigilant as ever in securing their devices and realize that a crime is a crime regardless of where it is committed. [New Straits Times]

Most young professionals shun IT policies – The company work force is on its way to being populated by a generation of employees raised with on demand sensibilities, which are putting companies who employ them at risk.  Further, they seem to have no respect for their IT department.  Do young professionals need to learn to separate work from play or do IT departments need to get with the times? [Silicon Republic]

Top Security Threats for 2012 – As 2011 comes to a close, lets take a look at the vulnerabilities that await you in 2012.  Everything from QR codes to Internet enabled TVs are at risk of compromise.  Consumers need to remain vigilant and neither store nor enter their personal information without a minimum amount of scrutiny. [Fudzilla]

US Internet users not as scam-savvy as they think – US Internet users are continuing to fall for online scams – usually promising them the latest new gadget for a little bit of information.  Even if it’s too good to be true, personal information is being readily handed out.  Cyber criminals have long exploited human nature and these scams always increase around the holiday season. For all you last minute shoppers out there, take a second and make sure where you’re typing all that personal information into is legit. [AFP]

GoDaddy Under Fire for Supporting SOPA as Users Threaten Boycott - GoDaddy has publicly declared that they are in full support of SOPA or the Stop Online Piracy Act.  An act that some businesses are equating with censorship or a broad strokes solution to a surgical problem.  In presonse, many people are moving their domain registries to competing sites.  Some sites are even offering special promotions for former GoDaddy customers. [eWeek]

Congress Calls for Defense Department Plan for Cloud Computing – The White House is trying to get US agencies across the board to embrace cloud computing in the hopes to save nearly $80 billion dollars in US spending.  Contracted companies would be pre-screened, be demanded to meet a minimum of security requirements, and to be fully operational within 6 months. [Businessweek]

Disaster recovery in the cloud – disaster recovery – the ability for an organization to suffer an on-site disaster only to recover all of their cloud-based data at the time of their choosing – is becoming an increasingly popular idea and model.  However, it’s not the blanket solution that everyone may thinks it is.  Disaster recovery can mean everything from continuing to use on-site storage but backing up in the cloud to only utilizing the cloud for both day-to-day operations as well as backups.  [ZDNet UK]

Cloud Computing in Healthcare: Key Security Issues – The Healthcare Industry as a whole seems ready to take the plunge into cloud based solutions.  However, where they hesitate is on the HIPAA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  The act protects patients by controlling and limiting who can find out about their healthcare.  If cloud based vendors can appease HIPAA, they can revolutionize an industry.  [BankInfoSecurity]

Is there a cloud bubble? – This very question may currently be the cloaked elephant in the room. Cloud computing’s advantages for the most part far outweigh the disadvantages, but is it a passing trend or a wave of the future?  This article investigates. [CNNMoney]

Cloud Computing Integration – Challenges and Solutions – This article addresses many of the concerns companies may have in making the logistical transition from current storage standards to cloud based solutions.  Topics include everything from migration to systemic upgrades. [CloudTweaks]

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