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It’s a story repeated every few months: a celebrity has their phone broken into, photos or sensitive information get leaked to the press, and everyone has a field day. But data security isn’t just a problem for celebrities, it’s something everyone has to worry about.

As we increasingly store sensitive passwords, bank login data and more on our phones, each and every one of us becomes a more likely target for a hacker. So when we need to access sensitive data on our phones, what’s the best way to do it? Simply storing files on a phone isn’t a particularly good method—anyone with access to your phone could easily pick it up, connect it to a computer, and download all of your data.

So a more secure method of storing your pictures, business and tax documents, and maybe even music (Jay-Z once lost an mp3 player that had an entire, unreleased album of his on it!) than just keeping them in the phone’s memory. For that and other problems, Norton Online Backup is a perfect solution.

Why? Simple. Norton won’t store your data on the phone itself—instead, it’s securely locked away in the cloud where only people who know your login details can access it. So if you’ve picked a strong password that nobody will randomly guess, then suddenly you can do two things worry free: access the data on your phone, and be sure that nobody else can.

Since you can access Norton Online Backup from your mobile device or your personal computer, you actually gain freedom when you use it to store your files since they’re suddenly available everywhere you are. Security and freedom coming in the form of one app is rare, but cloud storage lets the security experts handle the security and makes it easier for you to do what you need, i.e. access your data!

You may not be a celebrity, but that’s no reason for you to have celebrity problems. Lock up your data, keep it safe, and do more with it by subscribing to a robust online cloud storage option from Norton.

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