News from the Personal Cloud – May 4th, 2012

Every Friday here on In The Personal Cloud we’ll be presenting a roundup of links highlighting popular and rising news stories from the world of the cloud and online security. Everything from news regarding hacking and how to be secure to advancements in the field of cloud computing. Stay tuned to In The Personal Cloud each Friday to remain up to date on everything you need to know.

Mozilla Slams CISPA, Breaking Silicon Valley’s Silence on Cybersecurity Bill – Silicon Valley has been quietly taking sides either in support of or against the government’s latest proposed cybersecurity bill. However, Mozilla has come forward as the most vocal, stating that although they support a more secure internet, they can’t support a bill that seems to ignore privacy laws already in place. [Forbes]

How to spot dangerous links before you click them – Once again readers, a little vigilance now can save you from a lot of heartache later. Here are a couple of quick and easy ways to not just spot dangerous links, but to put a little more faith into that leap ranging from installing plug-ins directly into your browser, to simply mousing over the link to see where it plans to take you. [CNET]

First Drive-By Malware Sites Discovered for Android – If you have an Android device and use it as your primary source of surfing, pay very, very close attention to the advice offered in this write-up. There are now sites out there that can detect not only whether or not you’re using an Android device, but are then capable of invisibly installing malware on it. Good news though, the fix is easy and it’s free. [Gizmodo]

Skype security hole shares Internet addresses – Looks like a new hacking tool has surfaced with the ability to capture a Skype user’s last known IP address. This can be used to send malware directly to the user or to help launch a denial-of-service attack. Fortunately, the fix is pretty quick and simple. [Technolog]

Facebook teams up with security vendors, offers free antivirus software – Although you may be limited to one security app download per Facebook account, you get six months of security updates for free. Not bad. [ITWorld]

Google Drive: Hybrid of Cloud Storage and Cloud Computing – This Huffington Post writer took Google’s latest product for a spin, and concludes that although it may take some getting used to, it seems to be a step in the write (pun intended) direction. [The Huffington Post]

Google Drive: Watch out, cloud computing in the U.S. like ‘Wild West’ – It wasn’t all that long ago that law enforcement needed a warrant to gain access to your personal computer. The reason for that being that they had to actually enter your home to seize it. Nowadays, with cloud computing on the rise, they really only need access to the server your data is stored on. And depending on the company you store that data with, that could be quite easy. [Prospectus News]

Growing Up Google: How Cloud Computing Is Changing a Generation – 7 Year olds creating workarounds is only the beginning. This article highlights how Google might be more than a trend, it might be positioning itself as the norm. [Mashable]

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