News from the Personal Cloud – January 18, 2013

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Every Friday here on In The Personal Cloud we’ll be presenting a roundup of links highlighting popular and rising news stories from the world of the cloud and online security. Everything from news regarding hacking and how to be secure to advancements in the field of cloud computing. Stay tuned to In The Personal Cloud each Friday to remain up to date on everything you need to know.

Top 4 Cloud Myths – As the cloud progresses we are starting to see new cloud myths. As the Washington Business Journal writes, using the cloud does not mean you are suddenly responsibility free. Look at these 4 myths cloud computing users believe once they start using cloud.
[Washington Business Journal]

4 Big Cloud Computing Trends for 2013 – Cloud-based disaster-recovery-as-a-service? Who knew? Information Management writes about this and 3 other unlikely trends we will be seeing in 2013. What do you think are the biggest cloud trends that will happen this year?
[Information Management]

The Risks and Benefits of Cloud – As more business move over to the cloud for their data back up it can seem almost a standard requirement for all business. Before jumping in to cloud make sure to read about the risks and benefits over at Technorati.

Cloud Computing: Get Ready for Bring Your Own Cloud – Look at any technology magazine and you’ll soon discover plenty of articles over bring your own device, bring your own technology, bring your own applications, but not bring your own cloud. Yet. Apparently this new trend is on the horizon. How? MSPmentor tells us how.

Ovum: Cloud Computing to See Rapid Growth in 2013 – Big data continues to be the technology that the market is focusing on, but from 2013 onward cloud computing will most likely take center stage again. As both businesses and consumers begin using the cloud we will see it become almost completely standard. Find out why cloud computing will continue to grow over at SmartGroup.

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