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The Kind of Safe and Easy File Sharing That Keeps You and Your IT Department On Good Terms

Employees need easy access to their files. IT Departments need to keep those files safe, and up until now, a safe and easy solution was unheard of. Enter Norton Zone powered by Symantec. We’re the only collaborative and file sharing based solution that allows you and your IT department the chance to worry about other things like learning each other’s names, and whispering quietly about what happened on last night’s Game of Thrones.

Check out the video below and help us spread the word that safe and easy file sharing is here, and here to stay!

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All The Things You Need To Consider Before Sharing Your Business Files In The Cloud

BYOD is here to stay, but the frustration your IT department feels about it doesn’t have to. Want to know how to decide which file sharing service is right for your business and become your IT department’s new favorite person? You’ve come to the right place. At Norton Zone, we try to make sure every decision you need to make is the safe and easy one – right from the start.

Check out our latest analyst paper below and make sure to share it with your IT department. Help them turn those frowns upside down!


AAC Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinal Round - Connecticut v Memphis

Manage the March Madness with Norton Zone

This month top NCAA men’s and women’s teams go head to head to earn a chance to become the nation’s best college basketball team. At work and home, you may have received invitations to join a league, or maybe you organized one yourself (pro tip – the bigger the team, the more you can win).

What many people don’t realize is that March Madness can be a risky time to organize friends and colleagues online, as cybercriminals take advantage of popular online searches and discussions to lure targets with event-themed subject lines, poisoned search terms, fake websites and other tactics.

On the journey to victory, it’s important to have a file sharing solution that’s both secure and convenient.  Here are just a few reasons to consider managing your bracket through a solution such as Norton Zone (hint – you get 5GB free storage for signing up)!

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Seriously though, what’s a “personal cloud?”

The IT crowd and the digitally savvy among us love to throw around the words “personal cloud ” and “data” (guilty!). But slinging buzz words back and forth does very little by the way of explaining what the personal cloud actually is and how public cloud services differ from personal storage clouds.  But never fear, Norton Zone is here!  Read on for our simple, to the point, (mostly) IT jargon free, explanation of how the Norton Zone personal cloud differs from everyday public cloud services.

First, let’s define the personal cloud:

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Everything You Ever Needed to Know (But Were Afraid To Ask) About Norton Zone

We all like using state of the art tech and software- but we also tend to exaggerate how much we actually know about the way it works, why it came to be, and all those super cool features.  At Norton Zone, we’re always looking for ways to make your computing experience safer and easier- whether it’s working from home in your PJs or making sure your team is able to collaborate on that presentation. Learn the ins and outs of our software, Norton Zone below and see why we’re still at the top of our game!

Be sure to share our deck with your boss so he or she can start using Norton Zone to keep those proprietary files safe!

Norton Zone Presents: The Way Sharing Should Be

In 2014, most of what happens in the digital space can be found somewhere under the umbrella of “sharing.” Whether it’s a photo album chronicling your trip to Machu Picchu, or that collaborative presentation you’ve been dreading all week- sharing information is what we do.

Here at Norton, our top priority is to make sharing safe and easy- so you can have fun with it! Check out our video below on the way sharing should be:

Norton Zone: the Beginning of Safe and Easy Sharing

Last November, we announced the beta version of Norton Zone, a new cloud file sharing service that allows users to safely and easily share the content that matters most. Today, I’m very pleased to announce Norton Zone is out of beta – stronger, faster and easier to use than ever. Also beginning today, users in the United States can buy additional storage, to expand the 5GB they continue to get for free.

The staggering growth of cloud services, mobile devices, and the social imperative to share anything is creating unique challenges. Almost all facets of our daily lives are “going digital,” and content is being created and shared in unprecedented amounts and places. Consumers and corporations alike are learning every day (and sometimes painfully) that not all cloud file-sharing services are created equal. Some services claim to be safe, while others claim to be easy to use. Leveraging all of the expertise at our disposal, Symantec has created a cloud service that offers both.

Norton Zone lets you easily share any time…

…from any device…

… with the security you expect from Norton by Symantec:

  • Users can create a share link to easily share large files and keep full control of that file with restrictions on how long or how many times links can be accessed, even when posting to social networking sites. Once shared, users can retract that permission at any time
  • Users keep ownership of their own data—Symantec never claims ownership over any data that is uploaded to the service—and all files uploaded to Norton Zone are encrypted
  • Norton anti-malware scanning technology automatically checks content for viruses and other threats before it is shared. We don’t outsource management of our data center; our industry-leading internal management, operations, and technical controls help prevent unauthorized access to data once it is stored in the cloud
  • We provide built-in device management, including mobile passcodes, to control mobile access, in the event that you lose your device – making it possible for individuals to block access and wipe their data remotely

And this is just our first release. Later this year we plan to announce additional updates, with new feature modules and enhancements, providing even greater benefits and simplicity. This is just the beginning of Norton Zone, the cloud file-sharing service that is both easy and safe, for use at home and at work.

- Steve Chazin, Vice President, Symantec

Steve Chazin is the Vice President and General Manager of the NortonCloud division at Symantec. The NortonCloud division brings new and innovative cloud services to market that empower people to easily and safely share, collect, and discover their content from any device or any cloud at home and work.

Prior to Symantec, Steve Chazin was Vice President of Product Management and the General Manager for Chatter Now at, their overarching brand for contextual and secure real-time collaboration solutions across all Salesforce clouds. Steve joined Salesforce after his cloud-based web conferencing startup, Dimdim, was acquired by Salesforce a few years ago. Notably, about 15 years ago, Steve was rehired by Steve Jobs to help rebuild Apple’s product and marketing efforts during Apple’s darkest days. Consequently, Steve was part of the team that brought the iMac to market and helped return the company to profitability, laying the foundation for today’s Apple.

In addition to his background in cloud services and passion for creating beautiful customer experiences, Steve also has a proven track record for building productive partnerships with Dell, Google, Intuit, Amazon, Novell, and others, by leveraging in-product APIs to create prosperous ecosystems.  

Steve has a MS in electrical engineering from Princeton University, and a BA in Physics from Franklin and Marshall College.