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LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium subscription program on LinkedIn. It is purchased with the prime objective to engage with the best prospects on LinkedIn and thereby supplement revenues. The Sales Navigator allows the user to build relationships with prospective clients under strict regulatory standards.

The LinkedIn premium account

If you want the maximum bang out of LinkedIn, you can upgrade your free account to a paid premium version which allows you the access the Sales Navigator feature.

This account is like an exclusive pass for professional people, recruiters, and job seekers to obtain the privileges and tools that enable them to gain business opportunities, increase sales, recruit human resources and manage marketing.

What is the LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows the user to access various business prospects in a quick and easy fashion. The features of this tool –

  • Find the right opportunities specifically tailored for you. It provides first recommendations, and you can make a sales lead list for future use.
  • It keeps you updated about the prospects and trends in your field. This information can be utilized as a marketing tool to tap the right opportunities at the relevant time.
  • This tool helps in building warm working relations. It is primarily designed for sales professionals who require image building and need to grow their businesses.
  • The Advanced search options and Lead builder provide extensive data about a query
  • This tool allows you to access the complete profile of points that are not included in your network.
  • You can see the list of people who have viewed your account in the last 90 days.
  • The In mail service allows you to reach out to other LinkedIn members who are not in your network
  • You can easily track your social selling capabilities in the SSI dashboard
  • Advanced learning and training facility is provided to the users
  • The Navigation tool enables the user to access the LinkedIn service wherever he is working. The device provides a mobile app, Salesforce and Import sync options, and Microsoft Dynamic Widgets.
  • Good discount packages and invoicing facility


How to generate leads using the Sales Navigator?

We interviewed a local SEO company that is effectively using LinkedIn to grow their customer base and gain numerous clients month after month to find out the tips and trick that are working for local business growth. Here is what we found out:

“Once you have installed the Sales Navigator Tool, you will be directed to an independent platform. This Sales Navigator site has a separate login. Here you can save your existing connections as leads and sync with Salesforce to import contacts and all your accounts. Now you can utilize all the feature of this tool.” – Devin Schumacher, SEO Firepower, Pasadena CA

  • Sales Navigator suggests companies that match your work profile. You can save them and track the updates, requirements, and related news about the organization. This is your base building where you should do thorough research about the company to make the first meeting an impressive one.
  • Also, do fill in extensive information about your sales program. The countries you are currently dealing with, business clients, and business areas of interest.
  • We have to look now for leads and business prospects. The Lead Builder provides advanced search filters to find greater avenues.
  • The filter option should be used well to get the accurate results. Once the search results are displayed, the user can save the search results for future use.
  • Here you can save the ‘lead’ in an account. This report comprises of all the companies that you are tracking for business prospects.
  • Alternatively, you can even save the entire search results. These search results can be saved using filtering options which carry all the details of the industry and years of expertise.
  • We can also use the TeamLink feature to filter results. This feature allows the user to identify a personal connect with the prospect. This could be through shared connections. You can after that ask the mutual connection for an introduction.
  • Once the leads are saved, it is essential to keep track of the updates and news about these companies. Various filter options streamline the updates as per the user’s choice.
  • If a company or a business seems lucrative, view the conventional panel of its profile to see the similarities you share with that LinkedIn member. Understand the various details in their profile to get a better understanding of the company. This greatly helps in establishing connections.
  • There is an All Employees Link in the company account. It enables the user to connect to any of the employees in the enterprise.
  • InMails is another advanced feature of the Sales Navigator. Research shows that businesses are more comfortable in responding to InMails than regular emails. InMails also project a more professional image of a user.

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A quick round-up of the advantages provided by the Sales Navigatordevin schumacher from seo firepower pasadena

  • The InMails feature of this tool finds a warmer response from companies and reduces the time wasted in cold calling.
  • Builds better relationships by projecting a positive image of the enterprise.
  • The Advanced search reduces time wastage and gives information regarding firms who are not your connections.
  • It provides comprehensive information regarding all the employees of the company
  • Shortens the sales cycle by providing direct leads to companies, keeping track of changes in the companies where the user can tap the connection accordingly.

Note- Once this feature is installed the user should make good use of it. Interact with your clients, be precise and to the point. Since this feature is paid, its potential should be duly utilized for the benefit of the user.


Wrap up

Sales Navigator alerts the user whenever there is any significant activity in your lead accounts. This activity could be a need or an opportunity which you should immediately take advantage of. Timing is paramount, and providing the correct resources when the connection requires it the most, is the key to increasing your sales opportunities. The Sales Navigator is a powerful tool which helps in building better relationships and contacts than the standard LinkedIn account. If LinkedIn is the treasure house of business opportunities, the Sales Navigator is that automated tool that provides fast and easy access to these prospects. If you’re interested in learning more, click here to see more ways to use social media to generate leads.







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